2010. január 28., csütörtök


Well...I like to be myself. I love Jesus,and I love people,I love being home with my friends and family. I'm always down for a bon fire or a bbq. I really like the idea of working out,but I never do it. I pretty much eat non-stop. I'm an introvert,and I get cranky if I don't have enough alone time. I'm not really a morning person.. I wish it was fall for 9 months out of the year,and the other seasons could have a month each. That's it for now. K bye!

Taylor Benjamin York
Jesus,family,friends,music,bike rides,bon fires,BBQ's,front Porche,roofs,tea and coffee(imádom ezt az embert- ez egy kis saját zárójeles megjegyzés... :D de muszáj volt,mert kávé... ^^),garden gnomes,fall,sereal,muffins,real tree camo,febreze,the color combination blue and green,eating cereal with Zac
Favorite songs:
For me this is Heaven-Jimmy Eat World,747-Kent,Hyperballad-Bjork,Le Matin-Yann Tiersen,Street Spirit[Fade out]-Radiohead,Green grass of tunnel-Mum
Favorite places:
Nashwille,Montreal,Barcelona,Scandinavia,My Backyard,my front porch
Favorite bands:
Mum,Radiohead,Failure,Jimmy Eat World,Yann Tiersen,Kent,At the Drive-In,Between the buried and me,Bjork,Kadawatha,Air,Canon blue,Paper route
Favorite Movies:
The life Aquatic with Steve Zissou,The royal tenenbaums,rushmore,Pan's labyrinth,Amelie,Romeo and Juliet,Run Lola rin,Goodbye Lenin
Favorite Quotes:
"The most important part of vehicle maintenance is clean windows so if you are broken down,you will enjoy the beauty of the view. Also,ensure that electronic devices to play music are properly seviced. The more music you like,the happier you will be."-Dan Eldon
"Keeps'n it real"-Will Barrett
What's a fun fact about you?
I like to have fun
What was the last book you read?
The Bible

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